In 1972, Denmark became part of the European Union and the membership of the EU had considerable impact on the development of the Danish/German border trade. The membership enabled Danish consumers to import alcohol, tobacco etc. from Germany (although in limited quantities), which many found attractive due to the high Danish VAT and excise duties on items such as beer and alcohol.


In 1975, the Danish grocer Antoni Andresen founded Calgros Andresen GmbH. At that time, Antoni owned the Calle border shops and had good supplier relationships. In order to increase and concentrate purchasing volumes, he let his competitors benefit from his good relations. The Calle wholesaler (later Calgros) was born.


In 1987, Antoni sold the wholesale company Calgros Andresen GmbH to Spar Handels AG. Spar National had experience with border trading from its existing company in Flensburg, and the purchase of Calgros was therefore a logical extension to the company’s portfolio. In the late 1990s, the subsidiaries SPAR-Grenze and Calgros merged to become a single company in the SPAR Group.


In 2006, the company EDEKA AG took over SPAR National. EDEKA Handelsgesellschaft Nord thus became the new owner of Calgros and, with the backing of the new parent company, continued its impressive development.


In 2013, the Danish Fleggaard Group acquired Calgros. The Fleggaard Group has, among other things, specialized in Danish-German and Swedish-German border trade (retail), and the purchase of Calgros was a logical extension of its activities in the border area. It has always been the Group’s intention to maintain strict separation between Calgros and the Group’s retail companies, and this will continue to remain a key element.


In 2016 Calgros Andresen GmbH was renamed Calgros GmbH.

Today Calgros GmbH is one of Northern Germany’s largest wholesalers of FMCG. We are specialized in purchasing and distributing beverages, confectionary, spirits, wine, tobacco, food and pet food. Border trade is a cornerstone of our business, but since 1975, we have also continuously developed into a global organisation with customers worldwide.

At Calgros, we are 55 committed and motivated employees who daily work hard to offer our customers the perfect combination of service, price and logistics. 




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